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Franchise Opportunity

Canadian Franchise Association Member

An investment with immediate returns 

Invest in your self become a Packaging Depot Owner 

The best value

Shipping Franchise

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Link to Canada Franchise Association:


Shipping and logistics is a key factor as the world moves towards becoming one big market place. Packaging Depot has competitively positioned it self in this market.


Our vision is to be in every corner of Canada, serving our local communities. Helping businesses unlock their potential and helping individuals by providing dependable, confidential and professional logistic services at a competitive rate

Invest with confidence, Packaging Depot is a member of Canadian Franchise Association. It has the most competitive package of all the shipping franchise investment opportunities. Packaging Depot has the lowest initial setup cost coupled with diverse portfolio of services providing our investors the best value for their dollar. 

A comparison of other investment opportunities is below.

The initial investment ranges from $50K to $80K. This includes initial franchise fee of $25k and the remaining adds up to the initial cost of setting up the location including equipment, signage, marketing, legal and training expenses.

These cost are an approximation and may vary.

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